What do you get when you take Mazda's nimble roaster performance and pack it into something a bit more family-friendly?

This isn't a riddle; this is the Mazda3 compact car, and it's chock-full of four-cylinder efficiency, distinctive styling and ample acceleration.View our available inventory below.


How the Mazda3 Packs a Punch into its Compact Cabin

Who knew that something with such commendable fuel economy could be so fun to drive? If you're a Lancaster or Reynoldsburg area driver, you can find out all about it right in your own backyard, here at Ricart Mazda.

Even at first glance, it's easy to see that the Mazda3 is unlike most small sedans on the market. Its exterior boasts a unique blend of sleek lines and bold curves that give it a distinctive stance -- like a regal feline poised to pounce. While the Mazda3 boasts the fuel efficiency expected of a compact car, what really makes it stand out from the crowd is its palpable personality. From its meticulously sculpted sheet metal to its engaging driving dynamics, the is one charismatic cat that's just domesticated enough to be your fun-to-drive family vehicle.

No matter if you choose the hatchback or sedan body style, the interior is configured to be both refined and comfortable. Controls are intuitively designed and organized, and the large touchscreen is controlled via a rotary dial more akin to a luxury vehicle than something so affordable. Mazda further blurs the lines between classes by offering many advanced features, like i-ELOOP regenerative braking, adaptive cruise control, leather upholstery and a head-up display. It's affordable luxury at its finest and, frankly, at its most fun, too.

If you think the well-rounded Mazda3 would make a nice addition to your family fleet -- even to your fleet of one -- then we invite you to drop by our Columbus, OH Mazda dealership and get to know all of our available new models when you take them for a test drive.

 Mazda Mazda3 Honda Civic

The Mazda Mazda3 versus the Honda Civic

  • Versatility comes standard with the Mazda3 compact car thanks to a 60/40-split folding rear seat. You have to pay more for the same cargo flexibility in the Civic.
  • Not only does the Mazda3 give you more ways entertain, but it allows you to do so more safely than in the Civic. You'll enjoy standard smartphone Internet radio availability with a more robust six-speaker sound system (versus the Civic's four). The Mazda3 also outdoes the Civic's connectivity with a standard auxiliary input, larger touchscreen display with knob controller as well as voice controls to keep your hands on the wheel. The base Civic doesn't come equipped with any of these features.
  • Mazda3 drivers will benefit from high-tech visibility with available rain-sensing wipers and adaptive xenon headlights, neither of which the Civic offers.
  • Mazda3s models are more powerful than the turbocharged Civic, and the Mazda3s GT comes with an optional manual transmission for a more engaging ride. The trim-topping Civic engine only comes with a continuously variable automatic transmission.
  • Mazda's optional i-ELOOP technology captures and redistributes braking energy for a greener ride. This is a brand-exclusive offering, so needless to say, the Civic doesn't offer it.
  • You'll hug curves like you haven't seen them in years with the Mazda3, thanks to a tighter turning radius than the Civic. The Mazda3 is also taller with more rear headroom and hip room as well as front shoulder room than the Civic for a superbly comfortable ride.

On the hunt for the Mazda3 in Groveport, OH? We have plenty of new and used models, here at Ricart Mazda. We're proud to be able to provide so many Columbus, Lancaster and Reynoldsburg area drivers with a variety of compact sedans and hatchbacks to choose from, and we'd be happy to help you pick the precise model that suits your lifestyle. Simply stop by our showroom for a test drive.


The Mazda Mazda3 versus the Volkswagen Golf

  • You can tailor your Mazda3 to suit your unique lifestyle with a choice of sedan and hatchback body styles. The Golf only comes in a hatchback configuration.
  • Enjoy more high-tech visibility with standard rain-sensing wipers (which the Golf makes drivers pay more for) and adaptive xenon headlights (which the Golf doesn't even offer).
  • You'll also benefits from the Mazda3's standard power-folding mirrors when parking on crowded Columbus streets. Maybe you better take the extra time to park in a lot with the Golf because ... well, it doesn't come with folding mirrors. Better safe (and late) than sorry?
  • The Mazda3 keeps drivers connected more safely than the Golf does thanks to standard voice controls as well as a larger standard touchscreen with a convenient knob controller. The Mazda3's infotainment features win out over the Golf with standard smartphone Internet radio availability, too.
  • There are two engine options with the Mazda3 -- a 2.0-liter or 3.5-liter four-cylinder -- while the Golf only offers one engine (now that the TDI diesel is on an indefinite hiatus). Its available manual transmission also offers an extra speed over the Golf's five.
  • Mazda3 drivers benefit from better overall efficiency than Golf drivers, and they'll also enjoy access to a Mazda-exclusive i-ELOOP regenerative braking system for greener driving.
  • A lighter curb weight and a longer, wider, taller frame --- that all makes for more generous legroom, headroom and shoulder room for Mazda3 passengers. All in all, the Mazda3 boasts a greater overall passenger volume than the Golf.

Shopping for a Mazda3 in Columbus, OH? We invite you to check out the well-stocked new Mazda inventory here at Ricart Mazda for all of your Mazda3 needs. We have a wide variety of compact-car variants for Groveport, Lancaster and Reynoldsburg area drivers to choose from, so don't hesitate to drop by and handpick your favorite model for a test drive!


The Mazda Mazda3 versus the Toyota Corolla

  • Both the Mazda3 compact car's 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter four-cylinder engines are more powerful than the Corolla's powertrain offerings, and you won't sacrifice efficiency for them either. The Mazda3 also boasts the option of a six-speed automatic transmission versus the Corolla's four-speed.
  • Connectivity comes standard with the Mazda3, as it comes equipped with a larger touchscreen than the base Corolla and boasts a convenient knob controller. The Mazda3 also sports standard smartphone Internet radio availability as well as an optional head-up display, while the Corolla doesn't.
  • High-tech visibility also comes standard, as the Mazda3 comes with rain-sensing wipers as well as available adaptive xenon headlights. The Corolla doesn't offer either.
  • Only the Mazda3 drivers have access to i-ELOOP regenerative braking system, as it's a brand-exclusive green-driving feature that's not available in the Corolla. Included in the i-ELOOP system is a wealth of advanced safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision mitigation and lane-departure warning. The Corolla doesn't come equipped with any of these lifesaving technologies.
  • The Mazda3 can come upholstered with the real deal -- genuine leather seats -- while the Corolla only offers something called "SofTex premium vinyl."
  • Enjoy everything the windy Columbus, OH roads have to offer with the Mazda3's tighter turning radius. And despite its agility, the Mazda3 is actually wider than the Corolla, with more headroom, hip room and shoulder room for an overall more spacious and comfortable ride.

Have your heart set on finding a new Mazda3 near Columbus, OH? We can help you achieve your automotive dreams with the new Mazda inventory here at Ricart Mazda. And our wide selection of new compact cars and hatchbacks is just one great reason to make the quick trip from Lancaster or Reynoldsburg to our Mazda dealership. Simply stop by to see what we have to offer!

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